Before I began my own blog, I started looking at several photography blogs that I found through “Sky Watch Friday.”  I thought to myself that if I ever started to blog, this was the perfect thing for me.  I like to take pictures of lots of things, but the sky is probably where I lose my head more than on anything else.  I take sky pictures almost every day.  I’m tempted to go outside and take some right now, but I’m restraining myself.  They’re just white clouds.  (However, Cloudbusting has many, many amazing photos of “just white clouds!”)


This is my first Sky Watch Friday post.  I truly appreciate Tom Wigley from Welcome to Wiggers World for hosting this.  Just in the few weeks that I’ve been hanging out there, Sky Watch Friday has grown tremendously.  If you like to look at great pictures, go take a look at some of the submissions and their blog owners.  I have found a lot of cool blogs this way.  (And Tom’s photos of the English countryside make me want to catch the next plane over to just wander about.)


This photo is from my back yard over the Spanish Broom, almost finished blooming.  (The header of this blog is the same bush when it is in fuller bloom.)  It reminds me of a picture I took walking up a mountain in Iceland many years ago (long before I had a digital camera).  The Spanish Broom reminds me of the mountain.  I like this because I live in the suburbs of a city where space is at a premium.  Our back yard does not qualify for a back yard in my opinion.   (I am from the Midwest.)  But this picture gives me the impression that there is nothing close to us.  It seems peaceful, as if I cannot hear the car driving down the street just a few feet away.  And for those of you who live in more humid (or smoggy) regions of the world, yes, the sky is that blue!


by Louise Cannon


Note:  This is posted on Thursday, even though it’s Sky Watch Friday.  I think it is based on GMT, which works just fine for me because I am excited to have a chance to  participate in Mrs. G’s “heart of your home” post tomorrow at Derfwad Manor.