In just a few minutes we are headed out to the annual Independence Day parade at a small town close to us.  We have been to every single one since we moved here nearly 6 years ago.  (That means this will be our 6th parade.)  Our first one was when Chic was 18 months old.  Chicklet’s first one was when she was about 9 weeks old.


We always go with friends.  Some friends were the ones who introduced us to the parade, actually.  But the friends have changed over time.  (Maybe that says something about US!)


We love going.  It’s hot.  There are no bathrooms.  It’s quite simple.  But it just makes me happy.  It reminds me of the town near where I grew up that had a small-town parade each May.


The girls are excited.  Chicklet’s favorite part is when some of the people in the parade throw candy at the children.  Chic’s favorite part is the horses.  I’ll try to get some better pictures of them this year.  Some of them will probably be painted. 


HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY all you U.S. Americans.  (My recent trip to Canada, including being there on Canada Day, reminded me that there are more “Americans” than reside in the United States.”)  I hope your day is as fun as ours will be.


By Louise Cannon


Note:  For those of you who have sorely missed me checking your wonderful blog posts, I’m hoping to get to that this weekend.  I have not even checked my reader to see how far behind I am yet.  I am sure it will take some time to catch up.