Chic and Chicklet are 6-1/2½ and 4, respectively.  They are pretty much “Girly Girls,” but even though I am a Girly Girl myself, Prince Charming and I have equally tried to make them look at life beyond the world of a Disney Princess.  For example, in the rare event that I would purchase some type of toy for either of them as a gift, it would be a ball or a truck or something completely non-girl-like.


But no matter what we have done, they still spend hours playing with Barbies and Pollys. (All gifts from other people!)


The best thing that has kept them a little grounded in the non-girly department is some of our friends who have three boys, two of whom are almost identical ages with our girls.  Whenever they are together—at their house or ours—they play “cheetahs.”  I am not 100% sure exactly what “playing cheetahs” entails, but I know there is a lot of feline-like slinking, pouncing, scratching, and hissing.  And for days after these visits, my girls “play cheetahs” themselves.  They LOVE cheetahs!


Last night I was racing into the back yard with my camera to take a picture of this:



I had to maneuver around the grouping of potted plants from yesterday which were still drying after I had rinsed their leaves.  (Dusting the leaves is another area of potted plant neglect.)  In my haste, I nearly screamed (but somehow withheld it) when I saw something black and furry in the tree.  It was this:



Amazingly, my mind processed what it was before I screamed, so I stopped to take a picture of it.



I think this is a Pocahontas Barbie-type doll.  But it does not look like anything I have seen at our house before.  The girls were already in bed, so I could not ask what it was doing at the top of the tallest potted plant.


This morning when Chic came downstairs I asked her about it. 


Me:  Chic, why is that Pocahontas doll outside?

Chic:  Oh, I forgot to put it away.  I’m sorry.

Me:  No, why is it where it is?

Chic:  Oh!  In the tree?  A cheetah was trying to get her!


Chic went out to retrieve the doll that was apparently now safe from cheetahs.  She brought it in and said, “But look, she had a glass slipper on her foot!”


Apparently Pocahontas, who I thought was a Cheetah Girl*, is really Cinderella in disguise.  Then again, maybe it’s the other way around: there is always a little Cheetah Girl* in every good princess.


by Louise Cannon


 *For some silly reason I am compelled to qualify that my statements about “Cheetah Girls” have nothing to do with the movie which I have never seen.