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This is my second Sky Watch Friday.  If you want to participate or see some terrific photos (and find some blogs worth visiting again) go to Welcome to Wigger’s World and see who else is playing.


This in “monsoon season” in New Mexico.  When we were house-hunting here 6 years ago, it was monsoon season.  We laughed at the term, but it is somewhat accurate.  Nearly every afternoon the sky fills with clouds, and we can usually see it raining somewhere, even if it is not here.  


Monsoon season means that every afternoon, and some mornings (like today), the sky is begging to have its picture taken.  Today’s photo was taken this morning, and I chose it for that reason.  It is actually today, and beautiful sunrises are less common than beautiful sunsets.  (That is my newly-dead weeping cherry tree in the foreground.)


Now the problem with the picture is this:  Remember the phrase, “Red sky in morning, sailors take warning?”  That tends to hold true here in the desert.  Not warning for bad weather, but warning that it is just going to be too cold to go to the pool today.  Yesterday was our first available pool day all week, and the weather was cold.  It is colder today.  (You may think this is crazy, but we live at 5,000 feet.  We I freeze when the sun is not shining.)  We will have to try to go twice next week!


In other news, Prince  Charming is off to North Dakota for six days for his 30th High School Reunion.  Does that make me sound old?  He will stay with his sister and hang out with some of his buddies.


S is a little concerned about my ability to keep up while he is away.  (As if he has never gone out-of-town before.)  OK, he calls me, “C,”  which means “capable.”  He says he has never met anyone else who is more“C” than me.  But he also does a lot of things for all of the Princesses who live in this house.  He was reminding me to take out the trash tomorrow.  He asked if I knew what the three of us were going to wear for the next six days so he could iron if necessary.  (As tempting as that offer was, I did not have the gumption to plan three wardrobes for the next six days.) 


Have fun, Prince Charming.  Your girls are home eating popcorn and watching movies with the security system set to “instant.”  (And not swimming.)


By Louise Cannon