When I started this blog, it was sort of on a whim.  I had been thinking about it for a long time.  Prince Charming had purchased Blogging For Dummies for me; I was about half-way through it.  I had pretty much decided I WOULD blog (with absolutely no pressure at all from my cousins, the writer and the blog guru), but I really did not know when it would happen. 


I am sure that like most people who blog, I had already started thinking in terms of “this is what I would write in my blog,” and “if I were blogging, I would talk about this in that way.”  But I still was not ready.  My life is chaos.  It is organized chaos, but the bottom line is I have WAY too much to do as it is, and I did not know how I would keep up.


Almost three weeks after beginning to blog, I still do not know.  The day I took the plunge, something just came over me.  I was sitting at my computer looking at other blogs that I liked, and suddenly, there I was, looking at the wordpress.com opening page and typing in my information.  Lucky for me, that was a slower-than-usual time of my life.  School was out, my business was somewhat intentionally slow and I had a VERY injured ankle that prevented my taking up one or 1-1/2 hours a day exercising. 


But things are different now.  School has not started (thank goodness), my business is still somewhat intentionally slow and my ankle is far worse than it was then.  But life-as-usual has assailed me the past few days, and it will only get worse.  (And it is especially bad right now since Prince Charming is not here to pick up some of the slack!  I ironed TWICE today!)


As I have been blogging, I have wondered what would happen when my life was “normal” (for me) again.  Now I sort of know, but it will be worse when school starts.  I do not have time to blog; that is all there is.  BUT, I want to do it anyway.  I have no idea why.  I can still read blogs without doing my own, but there is something about blogging that I sort of like.  So I have decided that on days like this (which will become more numerous), I will just throw a picture (or a few) up on my blog and say a little about them.  I thought I would be able to just put pictures up without saying anything, but those of you who have read me before already know I am not very good at just shutting up and getting on with it when I am writing.  (Oh, if you only knew me in real life—how quiet and introverted I am.)


So today’s pictures are of the place we stayed on our anniversary trip.  Because I was already blogging at that point, I took a bazillion pictures of the rooms in which we stayed.  I am forcing myself (for your benefit) to choose only my favorite of each room, and a couple extra that I just cannot help showing you.


(I realize I have already written almost as much as I do on a regular day.  I just cannot help myself.  That is another thing about blogging.  Almost every day I have an idea about what to post.  I have things already written.  But the day comes, and I get a moment to do it, and something completely different flies off my fingers.  I need to figure out what is up with that.)


ANYWAY, this was NOT the Motel 6, or equivalent, which I probably would have booked due to my responsible tightwad ways.  I was enamored when I first saw it.  Then I wondered, “Do we really NEED all these rooms?”  Then I realized I liked having that many rooms.  It was so nice not to pile everything in the bedroom.  It was nice to have tea in the living room and strawberries in the dining room.  Prince Charming knows how to show a girl a good time!


A view of the roof.  It is smack in the middle of downtown Winnipeg, and there are not many places one can get an overall view.  I forgot to even try.




The dining room was where we entered the suite.  It was called the “Vice Regal” suite and was supposed to be the nicest room/suite in the hotel, and there was only one.  (Only Prince Charming.  I SO would have never done this!)  It was way bigger than the dining room in my house and richly appointed, as was the entire suite.



On the dining room table were the GIANT chocolate covered strawberries that Prince Charming had ordered.  Three for each of us.  Even I was not dying for another one after that.  It was more than a meal.  (But that did not stop us from going out for dinner!)



This is not my favorite picture of the living  room, but it gives you a better idea of the layout than any other picture.  (The door just left of the center of the picture is to the hallway/foyer.)  We had coffee/herbal tea (guess who had which!) in the living room every morning while reading the paper in our plush bathrobes.  I think I might be able to get used to a lifestyle a little more laid back like that was!  If only!



Before we could get a good look at the bedroom, the hotel fire alarm went off.  Hmmmm….  we obviously had not unpacked.  Should we just haul our luggage back down with us?  We decided it was probably a false alarm and left the luggage (my ankle was killing me), but took the camera.  We had a nice rest on the front steps for about 20 minutes.



After the “all-clear” sounded, we returned to investigate the bedroom.  It was the most difficult room to capture in one photo.  It was beautiful.  The curtains were a rich tapestry fabric.  There was art everywhere—actual paintings.  I liked the beach ones the best, and you can see one of them in this bedroom photo.  And the bed…..  I’ve never stayed in a Westin which is supposed to have the “heavenly” bed, but the best hotel bed I had previously encountered was at a Hyatt.  This bed equaled it.  It was so divine to have a nice hotel bed.



I cannot help but show you the molding on the ceiling in the bedroom.  Oh, the ceilings were about 12 or 13 feet, except in the dining room, which were 9 or 10 feet.




Lastly was the bathroom.  This was an old building so the bathroom was not huge.  However, it had a bath AND a shower AND had these lovely L’Occitane toiletries.  I LOVE L’Occitane stuff.  Living in the desert, a good lotion is essential.  L’Occitane has the best I have ever used.  Not typical hotel toiletry fare!



And the BEST part about the bathroom, which I am so sad to say there is no picture for you to see…  The shower head in the shower was dreamy.  It was like heavy rain.  I think it might even be called a “rain shower,” but I do not really know.  Whatever it was, when I took my first shower at home again (with what I usually think is a great shower head), I was disappointed.


There are lots more hotel pictures, but I would not want to (further) bore you.  And some are unusual, so I will probably just pull them out when I honestly just throw up a picture and do not say anything (or much) about it!


By Louise Cannon