After the comments from my last post, and having who knows how many days in a row of long posts, I have decided to do a picture with a short description.  OK, somewhat short description.


But first I must comment on the opening picture.  I. love. my hat.  I usually wear the whole outfit (wedding dress and hat) a couple of times a year.  This picture was taken last year because I have not worn it yet this year.  (The hat attracts a lot of attention, and I am not a lot attracted to attention.)  Anyway, the hat STAYS!!!  (Thanks for making me laugh with your comments!)


The picture below was taken on April 3 during Prince Charming’s and my Bermuda Cruise.  We were docked there for 3-1/2 days and had a fabulous time motoring around on a scooter, letterboxing and sightseeing. 


The ocean is part of me.  I do not know why because I grew up in Missouri and have only very briefly lived within view of the ocean. But I love it anyway, and I miss it when I am not near it (which is most of the time).  Unfortunately our trip to Bermuda did not happen upon the nicest weather, and there was not a lot of opportunity for me to hit the beautiful water in a hundred shades of turquoise.  The last half-day was no better, but I did not care. There was no way I was leaving there without having done more than get my feet wet at the shore.  I went into the cold ocean while there was no warm sun.  I am not an ocean swimmer, but I love to play with the waves and body surf.  I love to see how far I can get from the shore.  Prince Charming is not so interested in water in general, so he kept the camera and took about a gazillion pictures of me.  Most I would never dare publish on the internet, but I think this one is funny.


Prince Charming was talking to me as I jumped over waves.  I was just at the point where they were breaking against my knees.  I was inching backward, and he did not warn me that a much larger one was on its way.  He snapped the picture right as it broke flat on my back, taking me totally by surprise.  It was FREEZING.  It HURT!  But it was funny!  And I have no doubt that if the places had been reversed, I would have done the same or worse.



That’s it!


By Louise Cannon