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For today’s Sky Watch I chose last evening’s sunset.  Our “monsoon season” is active this year, and we have had a lot of clouds to make our skies interesting.  In a month or two that will be gone, so when we just had a nice sunset, I think I should post it.  (Later, there will only be deep blue skies, which is beautiful, but always the same.)


The sky is something I have always loved to watch and photograph.  What I especially love about the skies in New Mexico is that even when it is overcast and rainy, there are always holes in the clouds.  And for sunsets like this, there are so many different colors and layers, including the bright blue, as if it was not time for sunset at all.


If you would like to see some other really incrdible sky pictures or post one or your own, head to the new Sky Watch blog!


(Other news:  Prince Charming is home.  It was warm enough to go swimming this week.  All is right with the world.  Except I did not post yesterday because I had too many time-consuming technical difficulties.  I realize those were probably user error difficulties, but the same user has been posting in the same way all along without that many problems.)