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These were the pictures I was planning to post for last week’s Sky Watch, but that incredible sunset pushed them out.  Since I am traveling when this will post, I will not have options to change it.


Chic and Chicklet got some bubble machine-things from Prince Charming after he went to his class reunion.  I was outside taking pictures of them having fun.  Though I really am not a scrapbooker, I often take pictures like one, and thought it would be fun to get some actual bubble pictures for the scrapbook layout that I will do when they have grandchildren.


Once that started, I totally forgot about scrapbooking and thought how terrific the bubbles looked for a SkyWatch post!  The first is my favorite (it’s actually Prince Charming’s favorite, not mine, but I’ll save my favorite for another day), but the pictures go in reverse chronological order.  I somehow could not leave out the pictures leading up to the actual one I chose for SkyWatch.


To see more terrific sky pictures, head to the SkyWatch blog hosted by Tom, Sandy and Imac and designed by Klaus.  You will not be sorry you did!




By Louise Cannon