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Today’s SkyWatch photo is another from my recent trip which included Zion National Park.


(That means there have been no spectacular sunrises or sunsets here all week.  The season must be ending.)


Zion also has “monsoon” season like we do.  Every afternoon the skies got dark and cloudy.  I think they probably get more rain out of it that we do here, but not a great amount, either.  


I love the colors in this picture, both the storm clouds and the many hues on the face of the rock.  This picture was actually taken from the town of Springdale which is outside of Zion on the western edge.


To see more terrific sky pictures, head to the SkyWatch blog hosted by Tom, Sandy , Imac and Klaus You will not be sorry you did!


To those who are regular readers, I have a couple of updates that are exciting to me, so maybe you will appreciate them.  I just this moment (about 3 hours ago when this posts) got my Google Reader to ZERO!  Whew!  That was a big job.  As I was trying to pare it down, I kept finding new blogs I wanted to add, so that made it take even more time, but I am sure it will be worth it.  (Of course this great feat of mine came just in time for SkyWatch Friday, so I am behind again already–this is a busy day which will see me not at home most of it– but at least I am not behind in both areas.)


And…  my dad and his wife, who got here less than 24 hours after we arrived home from our trip, left this morning to take a little side trip to see family in Denver.  They will not return until Saturday afternoon.  We have had a wonderful time visiting, and I am not shouting with jubilation that they decided to take this trip (although I am glad they did because they’ll enjoy it), but I have not even finished my unpacking yet, so I will hopefully get a few more domestic and other things accomplished than I thought I would this week.


Have a wonderful weekend!


By Louise Cannon