After all the encouraging words I got after my last post, I almost felt like I should not have posted it!  My life is almost never that bad.  I felt a little guilty for invoking concern on my behalf.  Thank you for all your kindness, however!  I will try to keep my future whining to a minimum.


But first (I said, “future,” right?), I am going to explain a little  about why I posted that—without using details.  From as early as I can remember, I know I tried (potentially did not succeed) to think about the effects of my life and decisions on other people.  Fully realizing that my life is my own, I still try to have as little negative impact on others as possible.  When a decision comes into my realm, I do my best to think through every angle that might affect other people.  Last weekend, there were people, and one specific person, who made a series of decisions without giving thought to the effects on ANYONE but him/herself.  Though only one action directly affected me, several had negative effects for other people around me.  Most of the time, this person clearly was not thinking at all.  When s/he was thinking, it was certainly not past him/herself.  This type of behavior grates on me.  I guess after being on this planet for 43 years, I should be used to it and just let it roll off my back, but it is not my nature.  I did not confront said person; from experience I know it would have done no good, only caused more trouble.  So I should just let it go.  I actually try to let it go and am successful most of the time, but said person makes a habit of regularly being selfish and thoughtless in my presence, so even when I do let it go, s/he makes sure I am regularly reminded of it. 






Chicklet coming down a slide
Chicklet coming down a slide





Enough of that!  Chic starts school tomorrow.  Yesterday we went to an indoor pool for our last pool fling.  (The outdoor pools are closed.)  We had a wonderful time, but it is harder to be in chilly water when there is no hot sun to warm us.  By this time tomorrow (when I am writing–7:30 a.m.) I will be in a car with Chic and Chicklet making the 45-60 minute round-trip to drop Chic off at school.  Although she is so excited to go back and see her friends, I am not.  I got used to the unpleasant schedule last year, but I never liked it.  And I like having her home.  (Not enough to homeschool,  however.)  I have no idea what school is going to do to my blog time.  School takes a lot of my time anyway, and probably more this year because Chic will be in first grade, and I believe homework is going to be a regular thing.  (I don’t really believe in homework for little kids, but I will be patient and see how it goes before I say anything about it.)
Chic and friend under dumbing water bucket

Chic and friend under dumping water bucket

Now for the AWARD!  The Fish Whisperer from Picture This and Xtreme Fishing gave me this award!  



It was last week, and it COMPLETELY made my day/weekend/week!  It was such a pleasant surprise, and I am still giddy over receiving this honor!  The reason he gave it to me was because I “juggle more things than anyone” he knows and put “out a great blog with interesting stories and wonderful images.”  Wasn’t that the nicest thing to say? (I have decided to tell you more about the things I do in a later post.)  THANK YOU FISH WHISPERER!  


When I got my first award, I said that the rules for receiving an award from me are that THERE ARE NO RULES.  The rules for this one are to pass it on to five bloggers. I will do that because I want to.  But if you get an award from me, the rules are to do whatever you want.  Pass it on or not.  Display it or not.  Acknowledge it or not.  And I also like texasholly’s award policy.  You can find it here. 


With that said, below are the some of the blogs I think Kick A*s at the moment as well.  (I am not being a prude by not typing the word “a*s;” however, I keep hearing stories of the traffic some blogs start to get just by having a word like that in the post, so I am trying to avoid that.  Of course now some of you who comment—I know who you are—will put that in the comments just to make sure I get “that kind” of traffic anyway.  That is OK.  I am not going to flip out and find a cartoon to post about you!)


A Photo a Day by Donald Kinney.  He actually has at least two FABULOUS photos a day, but one never has comment.  It is just there, piquing my interest.  Donald is a photographer who knows when there is a good picture to be had, and makes it excellent.


Blind Pig & The Acorn by Tipper.   Tipper lives in the Appalachians and blogs about it.  Hers is an eclectic blog about life in the Appalachians, and it brings me into her life.  She has music, scenery, art, cooking, you name it.  I love it.  (And what’s not to love about a blog with that name?)


Ramblings Around Texas by Troy and Martha.    Their ramblings go far beyond Texas!  They are amazing photographers who have been (and go) a lot of places and share their adventures on their blog.  Not every post is about travel, but one can definitely travel vicariously through them.


Sandpiper’s Place by Sandpiper!    Sandpiper likes to take walks in beautiful, natural places and share them with us.  She is also an excellent photographer, so it is almost as if I am walking with her when I see her posts.


Slackwater by Don Wiley.  Another photography blog, but without label.  His photos are interesting, unusual , beautiful, whatever.  A true artist with a camera, and always something exciting (or fun or humorous or jaw-droppingly beautiful) to see.


My favorite thing about awards is passing them on.  My hope is that some of my readers check out these blogs and find something new that they love.  (And you may wonder why none of these people are on my blogroll.  Well, I have not updated that since my blog was brand new.  I will get to it one day.  I promise I will!)


By Louise Cannon