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I did an extra post this week (with a couple of really good sky pictures as well as other scenery–go take a peek!), and it is a busy week, so just a quick picture I took yesterday, yes, while driving (traffic was bad, and I was going slow). Our mountain is not the most glamorous mountain around, but it has its own majestic quality, and does some terrific things to the clouds.

We have guests arriving today for our annual International Balloon Fiesta. (Do not expect any good pictures from that becuase if I go, it will be ugly weather and likely get canceled. If I do not go, the weather will be sparkling and beautiful, but I will not be there to get pictures. This is a rule.) The guests leave next Tuesday, then the girls and I leave Wednesday for Missouri. Posting and visiting may be sporadic for a couple of weeks.

Happy SkyWatch Weekend!

To see LOTS more terrific sky pictures,  head to the SkyWatch blog hosted by Tom, Sandy , Imac and Klaus.