This post is in response to a prompt from Kelly at *Weekly Anamnesis.*  I like Kelly’s word prompts to help me think of something to write.  She is not picky about when someone uses a word.  It can be a word from previous weeks, which I have done before.  But today I am using “Immediately” which is last week’s word. (But this week’s is not yet up!) Anyone is welcome to use her prompts.  Just go there and follow the instructions. I love to see what different people write about the same word prompt.


Actually, this post is to tell you that I do not have time to post! Or visit. Or even really keep up with my comments, but I am putting a little effort into that when I can. We have had guests since Thursday, and I have had two stamping events in that time period. The guests leave tomorrow, but Chic has an all-day field trip tomorrow, so time is elusive.

In my last post I mentioned Balloon Fiesta and told you to not get your hopes up because the weather is notoriously bad when I am in town for it. It did not fail me. It was canceled yesterday morning when we planned to go to the mass ascension (approximately 600 balloons heading into the sky over about an hour). The lucky thing for me was that Prince Charming got up at 3:50 and determined it would be canceled, so we did not all get up, drag ourselves at 4:30 a.m. in the rain, only to find out it was canceled after arriving at the launch site. (As we have done before.)

We decided to go to the “Glow-deo” last night and hope for better weather. It was not canceled, so that was good. Below is one picture. Click to enlarge. We had a lot of fun, ate a lot of expensive “food” and did  not freeze, so all was good. I have a whole post on this waiting, but I am afraid I might not be able to post anything until I get back from my trip, for which I leave in two days and return a week later. I hope to have a little time and internet access while away to at least catch up on visiting the rest of you!

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