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Hot air balloons are an almost daily part of My World; on most days we see several of them. They are not all as close as the one above, but I would guess they drift over our house five to ten times a year.

Not being a balloonist myself (and never even having been up in one), I really do not know the details, but apparently Albuquerque is a wonderful place for hot air ballooning. Albuquerque has something called “the box.” It means the winds work so that a balloon can take off, go out a certain direction, go higher and backtrack, then lower and land almost exactly in the same place from which it started. 

My guess is that some other reasons for ballooning being so popular here are the weather (sunny and relatively “good” most of the time) and with our open landscape, one can see miles in a balloon. (We can see quite a distance anyway; I am sure it is much greater in a balloon.)

We usually see the balloons on the way to school. It seems like the sky is empty if for some reason there are not several on any given morning.

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