We went on a little trip last weekend to Purgatory Ski Resort. (Where there was almost no snow, and definitely no skiing, but we did not go to ski, so it was fine with us.) We went with some friends, and Saturday night we went on the Polar Express Train Ride.

The ride is based on the book, The Polar Express, which I had never read until that weekend when I knew we were going to go. My opinion was that the staff of the train did an EXCELLENT job making it a wonderful trip for children based on the book.

We arrived at the train station just before dark. Kids wear pajamas on this trip, so the streets were filled with pajama-clad children.

walking to the train

Snow boots seemed to be a requirement with the pajamas


The train station was sparkling with holiday lights and was packed with people.

train station

train station

When they called our train, we all went outside and waited for it to arrive. We could see the smoke before we could see the train. It finally came around the corner, then got close enough for me to get a picture without being agressive to the people around me.

"Polar Express" engine.  See engineer waving.

When we entered the passenger car, it was decorated with pine garlands, ribbons and lights.


We had two “chefs” on board who provided us with DELECTABLE hot chocolate (not too hot) and a chocolate-covered cookie. The hot chocolate really impressed me because the book mentions how “chocolate-y” it is, and it WAS! I do not care for watery hot chocolate, and this was not. And it did not burn my mouth – or more importantly, the mouths of my children.

During the trip to the “North Pole” the book was read while the chefs carried a copy back-and-forth on our car so everyone could see the pictures.

The North Pole was brilliantly lit, and there Santa came on the train. For the trip back Santa moved from car to car giving each child a silver bell. Here again I was impressed because the bells were nice with a clear, beautiful ring. (And children would have been happy with anything.) When Santa was not in the car, we sang holiday songs. It was festive and magical.

Chicklet with her bell

Chicklet with her bell

When our journey ended, it was definitely dark, and the Durango street was also enchanting.


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