There’s not even a picture with this post. What is wrong with me?

No, I’m not down as in feeling bad or depressed or sick. (Not being sick seems unusual for the past few weeks. Thanks for all of your kind words while I was REALLY sick the last time.)

No, my computer is down. Apparently too much blogging can be bad for a computer’s health. This is not necessarily proven, but visiting so many places with so many hackers and viruses out there, it just didn’t bode well for the old thing.

So I am without computer for a few days… maybe a week. Maybe more. The old one is in for some major rework (including killer anti-virus software and a different browser), and we’ll be getting a laptop for the express purpose of blogging and Facebook. (Thanks, cousin and cousin for sucking me into THAT trap!) And don’t worry about my inviting you to be my friend on Facebook. I won’t.  (Even though I’m really tempted to invite you.) I’m somewhat anonymous here, and somewhat not anonymous there, so I won’t be mixing the two.

So until then, I only have limited access to my husband’s work computer which is here in the event of an emergency. I’m thinking blogging doesn’t really qualify.  So AGAIN, I’m not visiting, and I won’t be posting, even for Sky Watch and My World.  When I get back, I’ll attack my way-too-full reader with a vengeance (between the last-minute baking/wrapping and all). I’m not sure when that will be. My “old” computer will be back in 4-7 business days, but I’d really rather just do it all on the “new” one so there are no risks of more infection. Believe it or not, I have a lot of other things going on besides blogging, and that missing computer is putting a major cramp in a lot of the work I do. (Including finishing my Christmas cards because my photos and formats for the inside part are in there.)

In the meantme, don’t hesitate to catch yourself up on all my unbelievably funny, enlightening and interesting older posts!