It was my plan to spend a day over the holidays doing nothing but being a tourist in my city to take pictures for this meme.  My plans do not always work out. In fact, they do not work out a lot of the time. So the result is that I only have a couple of things in the hopper for MWT posts, and they are not things I want to use right now.

We got snow yesterday.  The last time I showed snow, I received many comments of surprise that we had snow in New Mexico. Yes, there is snow, and some places have a lot of it.  There are many mountain ranges here and many ski areas.  “My” mountain, next to Albuquerque has snow most of the winter on the east side of it. And Albuquerque itself is at an altitude of 5,000 feet, so our winters are chilly and do include snow–though not like that of some of you in more northern climates.


Not having any new material for MWT posts, I decided to use the mountain from yesterday. While putting this post together I realized I could probably do the mountain every post because it has so many faces and moods. I have said before that it is not the most glamorous mountain on the planet, but it IS a mountain, and therefore it has a certain beauty that only mountains can have.

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