Fishing Guy tagged me for this photo meme that I have seen on a lot of blogs lately.  It is to find the fifth folder in your picture files and post the fifth picture from it. (I just went there to make sure I had the link right, and he’s got another photo meme up. Beautiful picture!)

This is actually my 5th folder for 2007 because I did not want to post the 5th picture from the 5th folder which was 2006.

Chic and Chicklet are on the phone with a great aunt who is reading to them out of the books that they have on their laps. The aunt, who lives in Missouri, has a copy of the books and calls them on the phone for story time. I like this idea because it keeps them in touch with distant family members by doing something they love very much.


I never like to tag people for things, but please do not hesitate to do this meme if it interests you!