Spiderman is inviting me to be a part of his adventure

As mentioned last week, my next few My World posts are going to be from Orlando since I was an actual tourist (of sorts) there so got more “touristy” pictures than I do here.

This week it is about Spiderman at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure. This post was going to be about that experience in general, but I had too many pictures and could not pare them down, so I decided to just do Spiderman.

I happened to be there one evening when this area of the park was closed to the public. There were probably not more than 200 of us there. NO LINES!!! There were four rides open to those in attendance, and Spiderman was one of them.

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

I love amusement park rides (unless they spin), so it is no surprise I loved this one. It is a 3-D ride which is always fun. All the villains came and jumped right onto the edge of our car. It was also a motion ride, and there was a place I had to close my eyes because I thought I might get sick. We were hurtling down toward the street between buildings.

What it looked likek without 3-D glasses.

What it looked like without 3-D glasses.

What I truly loved about this ride was that besides the images being so real and “right there,” they had other effects. When the water villain was there, we got wet. Not REALLY wet, but there was water sprayed at us. When the fire villain was there (forgive me for not knowing the names–it has been a long time since I have seen Spiderman), we could feel heat. I wanted to take off my glasses to see exactly what was happening, but I didn’t want to miss a second of the show, either. Yes, I could have ridden it again, but there were other rides calling. I will share them with you in another My World.

When it was all over, the real Spiderman was out and wanted to have his picture taken with me. (Only a SLIGHT exageration!)

When it was all over, the real Spiderman was out walking around and wanted to have his picture taken with me. (Only a SLIGHT exaggeration! He IS real, even if he doesn't look like it.)

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