In my last pseudo-post I said I wouldn’t be posting because I was so far behind.

Well, this is a post, and I am still behind (and I am even going to do another immediately after I finish this one), but I am going to explain some things.

First, last Monday I was not “gone on holiday,” it WAS a holiday. President’s Day to be exact.  That meant there was no school and I took Chic and Chicklet to an indoor jumping place with some old friends who we almost never see anymore since Chic (and the friend) started school in 2007.  I was just out for the day, not gone to some exotic location. Sorry to disappoint. The only pictures from that probably will not make it to my blog. I have not even uploaded them to the computer yet.

So my point here is to say that I will not be posting for an undetermined amount of time. (The next post will tell you that I will not even be doing the two weekly memes in which I always participate.) My reasons here are nothing more than I am behind and cannot catch up. I got behind in reading blogs when I visited my family in Missouri mid-October of last year. I have not been caught up since. NOT. ONE. TIME. Once or twice I maybe have gotten my reader into the 300’s, but it has been over 1000 countless times, and I am sure over 3000 at one point. Right now it is at about 700, and today is SkyWatch which takes up more than a little of my time.  If I post a photo for it, it will take up a lot more time. So I am not going to. I am not posting anything until I catch up. I have decided that I never WILL catch up if I continue posting, and I am tired of not reciprocating your kind visits as much as I would like.

I have plenty to say, and things I want to say, but my somewhat OCD personality needs me to catch up first–to see what you have to say and show before I keep putting my own things out there. And I learn more from your posts than I do my own anyway. It is sort of like talking. I have always said (and drill into my children and TRY to instill in my art students) that one learns much more when his mouth is shut than when it is open. I learn much more when visiting you than creating my own posts.

I do not know how long I will be “gone.” I hope not too long, but I really have no idea. Thank you for your continued visits, and now I WILL get to you soon… REALLY!

I leave with you with a photo of my New Mexican sky as seen from my bedroom window last week. I’ll see you soon–just  not here for a little while.

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