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This is the 4th day of our trip, the 3rd day of the cruise. (Not full days. We left New York in the evening, spent the next day at sea and arrived in Bermuda the following morning.)  I only  have one day this time, so a few more pictures for that day. But I am still amazed at how few pictures I took. I think I was afraid of using up all my memory cards. If that was the case, I will be the first to admit how stupid that was!

When we awoke (after a sleepless night–although I love cruising, I don’t sleep well on a ship), we were slowly coming into the harbor. I think it took about an hour to get in once we slowed our speed.

The colors of the water were enchanting to me.


We docked across the bay from Hamilton at an old fort.  It was a blustery day. Very cold. Very windy. A little rain. But we are adventuresome sorts, so just decided to make an adventure of it.

We took a ferry to Hamilton the first day to do the obligatory shopping. Gifts for lots of family and friends and hopefully something we liked for ourselves. I am NOT a shopper, so we decided to just do this and get it over with. Since it was a blustery day, I did not feel like I was missing much at the beach.

I was cold most of the day. We walked quite a bit around the city, but that did not warm me up. Periodically the sun would come out, and I would find a spot in it to sit when it was out.

That is when I became acquainted with the noisy little birds, the Kiskadees. I had never seen them before and had no idea what they were until we went book shopping (my favorite souvenir from places I visit) and found them in a book about Bermuda. As long as the sun was out, I could have stayed and watched them all day.


Apparently the weather that greeted us was unusual. It was the last day of March, but we were told it was “January weather.” Many things were in bloom. Hisbiscus were everywhere. This red one really grabbed me.

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I decided to head out on a little walk of my own while Prince Charming took a break and guarded our treasures. I was enamored by the colors of the buildings. (More on that another day.) I decided to walk a little and see what kinds of colors I could find, but one of my favorite shots from the whole trip is this white City Hall building with the blue, blue sky in the background.

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The wind and rain picked up, so we headed back to the ship for a nap. Note to self: If you have to pick a dinner time on a cruise, ALWAYS pick the late one so you can get in a nap before getting ready! (We were already missing our kids, but were grateful they were not there. It would have been fun with them, but a completely different kind of experience.)

Tomorrow is our first day of Letterboxing in Bermuda. (And do not begin to think that I am going to start regularly posting something every day!)