This is the week-long (ish) tale of where I was a year ago today, which was on a Bermuda cruise with Prince Charming.

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This was a sea day. I only took 6 photos that day as the sea was rough and pretty much looked the same. So you get two of the six. (Had I even had an idea about the possibility of blogging then, I probably would have taken all kinds of pictures of things on the ship just for the sake of telling a story, but that was not the case.)


We were so finished with our “honeymoon” by this time. We had been eight days away from our kids–the longest ever. (Previously, the longest from both kids had been three days, but we were away from Chic for six days once, when she was six months old, because SHE went on vacation without us!)

This day we went to the lecture about how to leave the ship. Had we known it would be playing on the television continually after that, we would not have gone. We also went to another art auction which we had decided was fun. It must be noted, however, that nearly everyone on the ship was there without paying for their passage. Remember I earned this cruise through my St@mpin’ Up! business, and I did not pay for the trip for either myself or Prince Charming. That was the case of most people. St@mpin’ Up! charters a whole ship and what cabins people do not earn they either sell at unbelievably cheap rates to their employees, give away to charity for auctions (those are probably the only people who really paid a reasonable rate) or give away to other people. This cruise had 85 National Guard families on it courtesy of St@mpin’ Up! The point here is that the art auctions were quiet (according to the auctioneers) because the crowd was so different than a regular cruise .  It probably would have been more exciting with lots of people who like to buy art there, spending money and bidding higher, but that was not the case. But we had a great time looking at everything anyway.

We took a nap that day, too. We never went to the pool at all. It seems as if we were on the ship, we just needed a nap.


That evening after dinner we returned to our cabin to find the least elaborate towel animal of the trip. It was still cute, but I think the staff was tired, too, although we would have never known it by their constant smiles and helpfulness.

Tomorrow, New York again.