This is the week-long (ish) tale of where I was a year ago today, which was on a Bermuda cruise with Prince Charming.

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We woke up when it was barely dawn I looked out the door to the outside of our cabin, and I could see some of the New York skyline. We were already going very slowy in the river.


The first picture is fuzzy because it was too dark (at least for me) to make it any other way.

I went out on the balcony to take the photo and was greeted with an unpleasant odor. I do not know if it was the river or just air that was not fresh and clean. It was not the best welcome back to the mainland, but we were so ready to go home and see our girls.  We were supposed to arrive around noon Albuquerque time.

The next photo is right before we turned the corner to dock.


click photo to enlarge (it's lots better, really!)

We decided we ought to shower and get ready at this point, but we were not to disembark until around 9, so we cleared out and went to wait in one of the common areas with my friend.  It had been a lovely time–one of the loveliest of my life. But that was important because the rest of the day turned out to not be so lovely.

I will not bore you with the details because everyone has airline horror stories. I will just say that we had a canceled flight and were met with incompetence at every turn. The only intelligent people we dealt with the rest of the day (which lasted until 1 a.m. the next morning for us, and we were still not home) were the flight crew of the plane on which we finally flew out of New York–around 8 p.m.–after standing in the galley for two hours because we did not actually HAVE seats on that plane. It was really amazing. And don’t even THINK our luggage arrived with us! We got home around noon the next day–10 days after we left our daughters. They had been troopers, but they were finished, too! We were  lucky and grateful for some wonderful friends that took care of them while we were away.

So I will end with the rest of the towel animals since several of you asked about them!  The last two were my favorites.