This is the final installment on my Tent Rocks Series. If you want, you can check out Part 1 and Part 2.

As the climb gets steeper and goes higher, the views become more amazing. Seeing the “tents” at eye level is just an incredible sight.

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A close-up shows the brilliant blue sky.


This is the view after we have climbed well above the tent tops.

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From the top, one can see dozens of miles in any direction.  This direction I believe is looking toward Bandelier National Monument, to which I have never been but think I really need to if for no other reason than I have heard it is beautiful, and I could then show you.

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This view is back towards the Sandia Mountains. This is not a fabulous picture; it is one we had taken of us a couple of years ago. We were going to have my niece take one on our trip there last month, but Chicklet was tired, and fell, and was screaming, and it was just time to go. It is a great spot for pictures. I love the background for picture-taking. This is a must-have photo if you go to this place.


When one reaches the top, the end of the trail is not there. Many do not continue on the narrowing pathway to the very edge of the cliff, but usually at least a few of us go. It is getting to the point that this Mommy does not go because it puts her heart in her throat to watch her kids invincibly walk on that trail, especially if there is wind. Daddy seems to be made of sterner stuff.


This is what Daddy and Chicklet look like at the end. Chicklet is small for her age, and still desperately needs a daily nap. A hike like this is a little too much for her, so Prince Charming assists on the way back when it is flat.


There are secluded picnic spots at the bottom, and we always have lunch there. If someone does not fall asleep on the way home, it is an amazing thing.

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