To my wonderful, loyal, faithful readers. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate you!

The Art Show last week went well.  It was combined with a recital. (1st and 2nd grade did a group recital with recorders, grades 3-5 a group recital with violins, grades 6-8 a group recital with guitars, preschool-Kindergarten sang a song or two–Chicklet was invited to participate with them which was a fun surprise–she was smashing, and individual piano recitals–Chic’s first.)

But my life is no slower, and I do not see it getting that way until mid-June when summer is here and we are back from our semi-annual trip to Missouri (which is going to include a side-trip to North Dakota this year.) You know I am behind at visiting you, and obviously posting. I will try to get a thing or two up here, but no promises. My life is scheduled to the maximum second, and right now there are many, MANY other things take up the “spare” time I have never had. (The Art Show is an example. I am the art teacher, and I am the only one who made it happen.  I had absolutely no help, which is not necessarily bad, but it might give you a tiny insight into my time limitations. This week I have to disassemble it all, among other things.)

So I will be visiting My World and Sky Watch since I am on the team for those memes, but no commenting because I do not want to encourage return visits to the current nothingness of this blog. I will make efforts when I can to visit you, but it is likely I will do what I do not wish and “mark all as read” on everything before this is all over with.

I do miss you. And I apologize. But when I have a few extra minutes on a weekend or evening, I need to spend it with my family right now.

So I will see you around. Hopefully soon, but I just do not know.

Again, thank you for your faithfulness. I never forget these things, even if I do not have an opportunity to respond at the moment.