Last week I showed you some of the rides at Silver Dollar City, an 1880’s Craft Village. The next time I go (which could be years from now, but I hope not), I will leave the kids with  someone else and attend to the crafts which to me would make a much more interesting post. However, on the way out, I saw something I had to show my girls.

2009-06-02.FrontIt was the Wilderness Church. This church has been part of Silver Dollar City as long as I have been going (at least 40 years), and if it has changed at all, it is not much.

It is built of rough-hewn logs and even has rough-hewn log pews.


Every  Sunday they have a church service in here. I will admit I have never been to that. I prefer to go in when it is more empty and quiet.


I do not remember the picture window at the front when I was little, but it may have been there. I could easily find out if I could go through my dad’s enormous slide collection because when I was six, I was the flower girl in a wedding in this church. I felt SO important because I got to be in a wedding in SILVER DOLLAR CITY! I wore a red cotton dress that had white hearts and “I love you”‘s printed all over it. I was also missing two front teeth and made sure that was noticeable in every picture. I wish I had the first idea where to find those pictures. Someday I will.

This was the view out the picture window when we were there. But if you were sitting in the pew, you would only see green trees.

This was the view out the picture window when we were there. But if you were sitting in the pew, you would only see green trees.

Whether or not the picture window is original (the text plaque above it is; I remember that distinctly), it is good for it to be there. There is a pretty view out it. And if I were sitting in church there, it would be nice to see the green woods behind the minister. (Or imagine the rich colors of autumn–a fabulous time to visit.)  Of course I would be looking out the window and not at the minister, but at least it would be in the right direction.

Silver Dollar City celebrates Christmas in November and December. I have not been to that in many years, but they used to have a live nativity scene, and at least a year or two, that was visible from that big picture window in the church. And the sun would set behind it. I wish I visited Missouri at Christmas just for the chance to go to Silver Dollar City then. (And instead of giant snow cones, hot cider is my refreshment of choice.)

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