When this post goes up, our family will be en route to Utah, Bryce Canyon to be exact.

Yearly I have a stamping convention in Salt Lake City. Since we moved to New Mexico, we have always driven to the convention, stopping at a National Park on the way (there are lots of them between here and there), and make a family vacation of it.

Every year it gets better, probably because the kids are getting older and remember more and enjoy more, but every person in our family is so happy and excited right now, it’s almost crazy!

I was going to schedule posts for

and  ,

but that would just take too much time. (I actually went to bed at a reasonable hour last night.) So I will “see you” when I get back. And hopefully I will have lots of new fodder for both of those memes and this blog in general when I return, in about ten days.

I will leave you with a photo of a volunteer sunflower from my back yard. (This could actually pass for both of those memes, I guess.)

click photo to enlarge

click photo to enlarge