What a fantastic trip I had! The “main” destination was Portland, Maine. The weather was good one day there. That was fine. I live in the sunshine, so a few clouds did not bother me. On Saturday afternoon (the nice day), I went to the ocean. I had so much to do in so little time, that I was not even sure I would get there, but since the ocean is maybe my favorite thing in the world, it was sort of like there was no choice.

I was not disappointed. When I opened the door of the rental car, I heard the roar. I was in heaven. I had a couple of hours light enough to walk along the beach. Still in heaven. I wished that I had some wellies like a family who arrived at the same time I did so I could have gone wading without getting totally soaked and frostbitten, but I did not. I almost went wading anyway (it is not like I have never done that before in an even colder ocean), but common sense made me know I would not relish the drive back.

My camera was doing strange things the entire time in Maine. Between that and driving myself, pictures are a bit sparse, but I like this one. Those of you who live near the ocean or visit it more frequently get so much better pictures, but since I am so rarely there, this is good enough for me. Can you feel my utter bliss at being there?

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