This week I am taking you to Merrill Cemetery in Maanchesta, New Haampsha (Manchester, New Hampshire) for My World Tuesday. I was there about a month ago and found a letterbox . As I said in an earlier post, I decided to find letterboxes all I could so I would not be tempted to miss out on adventure.

This was at the very end of my New England trip. I had awakened that morning in Portland, Maine, then driven to Vermont (finding myself in heavy-at-times snow), then back to Manchester where I spent the night to fly out early the next morning. I was sooooo tired, and it was cold and rainy. But the letterbox called. Just one more. And I found it!

And as always, I am so glad I looked. This was the most charming cemetery in the middle of town. I hopped the stone fence from a Lowe’s parking lot on one side. The other sides were all city streets. But inside it was a completely different place. I was transported back in time and place.


This is what I saw upon entering the quiet place. Lovely.


Most of the tombstones were quite old. Many had the same last names on them.


Someday I really need to show you a typical cemetery from here (New Mexico) which is so unlike this one.



I wanted to take home some pretty leaves, but this was the best I could do.


This is the little open space where I went over the stone fence to get in and out. It is almost as if the place is a secret, a little gem tucked into the city, and I had to find just the right place to get in.

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