Let’s be clear. My family is a city family. I am the least “citified” of all of us, but we are pretty much city folks.

When we visit Missouri, I revel in being in the country and having space. My girls love it, too, and this time they were so lucky to visit two farms during the trip. I have pictures of only one visit (I was not along for the other one), and here are a few that you  might like, too.

This is a really blurry picture (it was nearly dark, actually), but Chicklet was going for a little tractor ride, and in the background, one of her farm friends was playing on the choicest playground of all: "The Poo Pile." (My girls may be city girls, but they're not sissies. They were climbing on the pile with everyone else. Prince Charming was more concerned than anyone else about it.)

This was the reason for our farm invitation--a 1-week-old minature donkey. He is standing next to Chicklet who MIGHT be 3-1/2 feet tall.

This baby was so small, he was a little lap donkey. I think I want a lap donkey! (I heard from the person holidng him yesterday, a week later, and he barely fits in a lap now.)

Really, how many things are cuter than this? If they didn't grow up, I'd housebreak one and keep it myself!

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