When I was in Missouri, I wanted to visit Branson Landing.

When I lived there, this high-end shopping/condo area was not in existence. I had been there about 1-1/2 years ago on a Missouri visit and needed to go back.

But not for the shopping. I hate shopping, even if they DO have some of my very favorite stores. I actually did not go inside one single store.

I went for the water show.

It's not as big as the water show at the Bellagio, but it is still very nice. When it is hot, children sit and play at the edge of the water and get drenched. (It was not hot on this day!)

I will admit to being slightly disappointed because it was only hourly in late  November, and there was only one song. (It lasted 15-20 minutes when I saw it before, and I think it was more frequently.) But it was the best song because there was lots of fire with the water.

I did not even notice how much the fire reflected in the water until I uploaded the pictures.

The fire adds so much when being there in person. It has an exciting look to it, the sound is cool and it is warm.

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