I got a wonderful package in the mail this week. WONDERFUL!  It was from Smalltown Mom. I won a giveaway she had. (I actually think I did not intentionally sign up for it, but I’m so glad I won!) I have to tell you that I never win anything, but I have been blogging less than six months and have already won TWO things! I know that is a bad average for some of you, but in the span of my life, it is incredible.

So when I won, Smalltown Mom asked me which kind of candy I wanted. Neither of my choices had ever been in my mouth before, but one was seasonal truffles, and I am a bit of an addict to seasonal truffles of another brand, so I went for that. LITTLE DID I KNOW THAT MORE STUFF WAS COMING, TOO!

Prince Charming brought in the box, which I photographed from about 15 feet away because of my only working camera lens only working in the 200 mm position. The photos are not terrific, but you get the idea.


I still have an ugly cough, so I am going to have to wait on the truffles a while longer (sugar always upsets the cough), but those socks are going on my feet tonight (thank goodness I get to stay home and be cozy tonight!), and that lotion is going to get initiated on bath night.  I can’t decide if I Prince Charming will make the muffins for Thanksgiving breakfast, or if we will have them on a weekend. No matter. Except for the truffles, all of this stuff was locally produced in her area.

Oh, I still have  yet to tell you why I read Smalltown Mom’s blog! It is because she is funny and REAL. Her posts are not always meant to be funny, but she sees humor in most situations. She has two boys that she loves like crazy, and I know a lot about their goings on from her blog. And I am going to say that being female and having dated my share of “Mama’s boys” in my life, that I think she is doing a great job raising her boys, and they are well-grounded and are not going to drive their dates crazy with their mom connection, even though it is strong. It is strong only in the best way. I love the relationship she has with her sons. 

Thank you Smalltown Mom! I love my stuff,  I love reading your blog and I love your kind heart!

Now for the awards…

First, I’m SO far behind on this. I’m so far behind that I am ashamed to admit how long ago I got this award cannot even do all of the awards at once, or you would be overwhelmed and not even think of looking at the blogs to which I am passing these. I was going to do two at a time for a while, but today I only have time for one.


It is the Art Y Pico Award, and I got it from Nourish the Soul. Deb is on a little hiatus right now after having finished being a parent in three weddings (one of them in a foreign country) in the past year. She said she had some projects she needed to catch up on. Ummmm… WHO WOULDN’T?  Anyway, she is a wonderful person and an interesting writer. I was introduced to her about the time she was headed to rehearsal dinner for wedding #2, but had forgotten her clothes. She is quite industrious and inventive. Her posts are timeless, so you can still check her out.

This award is for creativity, design, interesting comment or for contributing to the blogging community. I am honored to receive this award from Deb.

Now before I pass these on, let’s have a refresher on Louise’s Award Rules:

1) There are no rules.

That about covers it. But it means that I am not going to tell people they got the awards. If they are my readers, they’ll figure it out, but my reason for passing them on is so that I can tell everyone whos reads this about some blogs I really like to visit. If you receive an award from me you may or may not acknowledge it. You may or may not post about it. You may or may not pass it on. It’s up to you.

So here is where this award goes, and I hope you will check out these blogs if you are not already familiar with them:

In a Soft Light. Beautiful photography of nature. Beautiful. It is always peaceful to go to this blog.

Ivar Irvig. Stunning photos. He lives in Norway and is apparently outside all the time taking pictures. Probably not, but he has an abundance of amazing shots.

Murrieta 365. More photography. Jan knows her way around a camera and photographs lots of interesting things. Her eye is artistic.

 Where the Walls are Soft. Les can tell a story. She manages to have a lot of stories about other people, too. She has an excellent way of getting it all into poignant and humorous words. For some technical reason which I am unqualified to identify I have not been able to leave a comment there for AGES, so if you go check her out and see the meme, tell her that I am SO with her on #43! I used to have a “Wayne Wall” in my high school dorm room!

UStamp4Fun. I know Amy in real life. That would lead one to think she would not be getting this award! I really do not think I know a stamper who can stamp any better. Really. I love Amy’s designs, but her real talent is taking ANYTHING (someone else’s (like my) bad design or her own spectacular design) and stamping it so well that it doesn’t look like human hands could have done it. She’s that good. And because I know her in real life, I will say that she makes me laugh. She’s all East Coast. She does not mince words. And she’s a redhead. We know I am partial to red hair on women.

Stay tuned. More awards coming to this space in the near future. (But not tomorrow or the next day!)



It is time for some awards. I love awards for two reasons. My FAVORITE thing about them is passing them on because I love so. many. blogs, and I like to share that with others. The other thing I really like is hearing the nice things other bloggers said to me when they gave each award to me. Who doesn’t like that? But for me, it is strange, because I HATE attention in real life. HATE. IT. I hated my wedding showers and my baby showers. I just do not like being the center of attention. But it seems that when a computer is in the middle, it is fine with me.

My apologies to the people who gave me these awards that it has taken so long to get this post together. That is part of my charm… RIGHT? Also my heartfelt thanks to all who gave me these awards. I cannot tell you how these surprises (every single one has been a surprise) make me smile.

And before I get to the actual awards, I will remind you of “Louise’s Award Policy.”

-I am changing the rules, so you can, too!
-If you receive an award from me, it is up to you what to do with it. I do not notify people in comments that they have received an award, therefore they may never even know they got one! I tend to nominate people on a much higher plane than myself, so it is often likely they do not even read my blog. SOOOO, if you happen upon an award from me, you can take it or leave it, display it or not display it, pass it on or not, acknowledge it or not.
-If you have received the same award from someone else, see the above rule. No one is making you take this.
-If you have received an award from me before, see the rule two above this.

The Award I begin with is the one I got the longest ago from Antigoni’s Diary. But let me tell you why I like HER blog! She lives in Greece, and she has fabulous ocean pictures! OK, there is a lot more to her blog than that, but those two qualifications would win me over without the rest. (The rest is fabulous, mind you, but I’m just sayin’…)

Here is who I am passing this award to:

Quintino at … lenses and vision… for amazing photography. Amazing.

John Theberge at Maine Nature Photos.  Flowers, bugs, scenery. All excellently shot.

Marvin at Nature in the Ozarks. Marvin does not “do” awards, but I cannot help it. His posts are amazing and so educational.

Yrsa and Chrome3D at 4 Seasons in Southern Finland. I love the photography in this blog and the subjects which they choose to photograph.  Chrome3D has his own blog which is not into awards, so this one might not be, either, but again, I cannot help myself.  I want YOU to know about this blog!

Woman in a Window. This woman is an excellent writer. She creates imagery that makes a story larger than life, but it still feels like real life. She talks about real life, but in an incredibly eloquent manner.  Definitely. worth. reading.

David at Authorblog. David will probably not believe I am giving him this award because in my comments more often than not I jokingly make fun of his wit. This is a blog I read before I began blogging myself. It is the blog that let me to SkyWatch Friday, which is how I found (directly or in a round-about way) most of the other nearly 200 blogs I read.  This is a “brilliant” blog because it is so multi-faceted.  He is an excellent photographer (and traveler, so we see many things). He has ludicrous news stories. He writes limericks. He devotes a post every day to other bloggers. The list goes on.

And finally, Jennifer at Thursday Drive. Another amazing, poetic writer.  She writes about life and things beyond life. She is the reason I joined the blososphere.

The next award is from The Fish Whisperer from Picture This Digital Photography. This guy is so nice to me! And his blog is incredible. I love his photography, and he lives in Fiji. That is so completely foreign to me, but it has water, and water is VERY GOOD, so I love HIS blog, too!

Then I got the same award from Denise at An English Girl Rambles and also from The Fishing Guy. I love Denise’s blog because there is some excellent photography and commentary and actually, I like the same thing about The Fishing Guy. And I have already told you about the whole country music thing with The Fishing Guy.


Below are the people/blogs who get the above three awards.  If you get one, you can claim any or all (or, of course, none).  And to be honest, if you are reading this, I want to pass it on to you because you are not likely to be reading this unless I have read your blog, therefore I like your blog.  But there are still a few for which I will make special mention (because it suits me at the moment):

Morgan at Stumble, Survive, Smile. This is a very new blog from a very open and honest girl about life. She knows how to write about it, and I love reading it. There is just something about reading honest, heartfelt writing about life that is so appealing.

TBNIL at Traveling, but Not in Love. This guy makes me laugh. Not all his posts are funny, but most have a humorous side to them, and he knows how to make it that way. If we were to meet in real life, I am sure we would have very little in common.  He is much younger than me and his lifestyle is completely different (mine is pretty boring in comparison), but he is just fun to read.  REALLY fun. EXTRA fun. Go read! (And if you comment, check back in the comments for his worth-reading replies.)

Rich at Championable. A raw look at life. His posts are short, but powerful. Often funny, but often not. But there is always a funny element in the sign-off…  Even you…

Deirdre at ReluctantFarmChik.  OK, I JUST gave her an award, but I LOVE her.  I LOVE her blog! It is still new, but it is getting even better with every post. She is funny. She is worth being in your reader! (And if you have not been there yet, you must go to hear about Prince FARMING.)

Mrs. Chili at The Blue Door. I found Mrs. Chili by reading her comments on other blogs. I LOVED her comments. She was always sensible.  Always sincere. Her blog is the same way. She covers a lot of territory as her life covers a lot of territory, but she is a genuinely wonderful person who writes an open, honest, sometimes controversial post. But she is not a controversial person, so even those posts come out pleasantly, even if I happen to be in the other corner from her! Mrs. Chili is a wonderful, remarkable woman.  (And it doesn’t hurt that she has 2 red-headed daughters!)

I was making a list so I could do this post, and there are ten more blogs on my list, but I know if I list too many (may have already), no one will take the time to check them out.  I really hope you do, because they wouldn’t be up here if I did not really believe they are worth it.

And again, if I were to list all the ones that I can say, “I love your blog” to, it would I am sure be anyone reading this. I read yours because I LOVE IT!

Well, it’s award time again.  I got two surprise awards back-to-back a couple of weeks ago and am just now getting around to acknowledging them publicly and passing them on.

But first, a GIANT Congratulations to Mrs. G at Derfwad Manor and Klaus at Virtua Gallery who have both just had their 1-year Bloggaversary or whatever it is called.  These are two very different blogs, but I love both of them.

I began reading Mrs. G before I started blogging myself.  Most of the time she writes in a way that gives me one of the best laughs I will get all day.  She does, however, get serious periodically, and she is always logical and blunt.  Exactly my type of girl.  If you have never read Mrs. G., really, it’s worth the time, especially if you need to smile.

My fortune was good that Klaus found my blog very quickly after I began.  It was probably through Sky Watch Friday, but whatever it was, it was good because his is one of the best photography blogs I have seen, and his pictures are not only beautiful works of art, but so inspirational.  They inspire me to take better pictures and go find more birds and other natural things of which to take pictures.  Plus he’s an all-around funny and blunt guy.  (Can you see a trend here about things I like?)

OK, hope you check those out, but the rest of this post is about checking out other blogs, too.

click photo to enlarge

Now to the awards.  Reiterating that my “award policy” is that I do not necessarily follow the rules and you do not have to follow the rules at all if you get one from me.  You need feel no obligation to pass these on, display them on your site, or even acknowledge them.  I am passing them along because I like something about you or your blog.  If you do not like it, then just ignore it.  I personally like to pass them on because I LOVE to tell people about blogs I like!  But what you do is up to you!

The first award is this:


It’s from Lara at Laras Welt:  Photos From Romania and Austria and Other Ramblings.  Her blog always shows life.  She has done some wonderful series on festivals that make me feel like I am right there seeing the bright colors, dancing to the music and smelling and tasting it all. 

This one is going to:

Chrome 3D at Cloudbusting.  Another blog I followed before I started my own, and always an inspiration to see what he has seen in the sky.  He says right on his site not to give him awards; he doesn’t pass them on.  That’s fine with me, but I want to acknowledge him anyway.  He also leaves great comments on my posts that make me laugh a lot of the time.  And he’s blunt.

Your EG Tour Guide at East Gwillimbury WOW! The blog is aptly named.  There are a lot of WOW! photos there.

Lisa at Lisa’s Chaos.  There’s no telling what might show up on this blog, but there is a lot of nature photography.  Recently there have been some absolutely fabulous dragonfly shots.  Go look!

The Fish Whisperer from Picture This and XStreem Fishing.  He is an excellent photographer who lives in a beautiful place and takes pictures of it all.  What really inspires me at Picture This are his reflection shots.  Not every post is reflections, but he does a lot of them, and they are all amazing.  He also leaves me encouraging comments.  Sometimes I think I throw garbage up on my site, and maybe it is, but he says nice things about it anyway!

Pietro Brosio at Pietro Brosio Gallery.  Brilliant photography with some original artwork thrown in periodically.  In his photography, it is evident he has the eye of an artist.  Terrific stuff at that site.  Also an encouraging commenter.

Shimmy from Shimmy Mom. Shimmy blogs about her life, and it can cover anything.  She is funny and nice.  When I was traveling in her area, she gave me weather updates.  I was going to give her this award anyway, but then she gave me the one that is below, and here is what she said:  “Louise at Potted Frog who always has a bright outlook on the things in life. She is an avid visitor who always has a kind comment. And her posts maybe long, but they are always good.”  Prince Charming laughed out loud when he read that.  Shimmy, you are just too cute for words!

Julie from Sydney Eye.  Fabulous photos.  Perfect Haiku to go with them.  Encouraging comments.

TSANNIE from The Tombstone Chronicler.  Another “expect anything” blog with lots of great photos.  She is from my home state (as is Lisa from above), so that makes her (and Lisa) extra special!

RuneE at Visual Norway.  The blog name says it all, except it does not say the photography is excellent.  I love the glimpses into life and scenery in Norway that are on this blog.  Also says nice things about my posts and pictures.

OK, I realize I mentioned comments a few times above.  If I said something about your nice comments, please do not feel under pressure to continue!  I appreciate what you have done, but I know making it public like this sort of puts the pressure on.  Forget about it!  Just thank you.

click photo to enlarge

The next award is from Shimmy Mom.  I already talked about her above, so I will just show you the award and tell you who gets it from me.

Madge from It’s A Mad Madge World.  First, I love Madge.  Second, she is funny.  Third, she gave me my first award.  Fourth, she has things like: “It’s National Madge Is Going To Post Every Day For The Next 37 Days Month Which Is More Than A Month But What The Hell It’s My Blog Month OR NaMaIGoToPoEvDaFoThNe37DaMoWhIsMoThAMoBuWhTheHeItMyBlMo”.  You just have to love that.  (And I am not chiding that I have not seen a post in a few days. That whole school starting thing knocks the wind out of you–well at least it does me.)

Maria from One Day in Hania and Organically Cooked.  Oh my goodness have I learned so much from this woman’s blogs.  She gives detailed descriptions (with pictures) about all kinds of things pertaining to her life in Crete, and her cooking blog is just amazing.  Although she is Greek and grew up in New Zealand, and I am a midwestern American, we have a lot of common background.  OK, not everything (I didn’t get stuck in a foreign country for months due to outbreak of war when I was little), but more than one would think.

And last, but never least is Deirdre at ReluctantFarmChik. I have referred to her before as my “best” or “dearest” friend, but said those were not exactly the right words.  (Neither of our personalities support “dearest” with one another.)  So saying she is a “joy” to me is sort of in the same category, but in all honesty, she IS a joy to me.  She just started blogging, and I love it because it is just her personality coming through her stories.  She makes me laugh.  In real life she makes me laugh and pushes me places I would never go on my own.  Hanging out with her always means special privileges. And even though she is sometimes tough, she is NICE.  She treats me like family.  (Better than some family!)  Oh, and she’s blunt!

I hope you take a moment (or a few) and check out some of these blogs.

by Louise Cannon

Note:  The magnolia photos were taken in June in my neighbor’s yard.  None are blooming now.  And they do not enlarge when you click on them.  No idea why.

  After all the encouraging words I got after my last post, I almost felt like I should not have posted it!  My life is almost never that bad.  I felt a little guilty for invoking concern on my behalf.  Thank you for all your kindness, however!  I will try to keep my future whining to a minimum.


But first (I said, “future,” right?), I am going to explain a little  about why I posted that—without using details.  From as early as I can remember, I know I tried (potentially did not succeed) to think about the effects of my life and decisions on other people.  Fully realizing that my life is my own, I still try to have as little negative impact on others as possible.  When a decision comes into my realm, I do my best to think through every angle that might affect other people.  Last weekend, there were people, and one specific person, who made a series of decisions without giving thought to the effects on ANYONE but him/herself.  Though only one action directly affected me, several had negative effects for other people around me.  Most of the time, this person clearly was not thinking at all.  When s/he was thinking, it was certainly not past him/herself.  This type of behavior grates on me.  I guess after being on this planet for 43 years, I should be used to it and just let it roll off my back, but it is not my nature.  I did not confront said person; from experience I know it would have done no good, only caused more trouble.  So I should just let it go.  I actually try to let it go and am successful most of the time, but said person makes a habit of regularly being selfish and thoughtless in my presence, so even when I do let it go, s/he makes sure I am regularly reminded of it. 






Chicklet coming down a slide
Chicklet coming down a slide





Enough of that!  Chic starts school tomorrow.  Yesterday we went to an indoor pool for our last pool fling.  (The outdoor pools are closed.)  We had a wonderful time, but it is harder to be in chilly water when there is no hot sun to warm us.  By this time tomorrow (when I am writing–7:30 a.m.) I will be in a car with Chic and Chicklet making the 45-60 minute round-trip to drop Chic off at school.  Although she is so excited to go back and see her friends, I am not.  I got used to the unpleasant schedule last year, but I never liked it.  And I like having her home.  (Not enough to homeschool,  however.)  I have no idea what school is going to do to my blog time.  School takes a lot of my time anyway, and probably more this year because Chic will be in first grade, and I believe homework is going to be a regular thing.  (I don’t really believe in homework for little kids, but I will be patient and see how it goes before I say anything about it.)
Chic and friend under dumbing water bucket

Chic and friend under dumping water bucket

Now for the AWARD!  The Fish Whisperer from Picture This and Xtreme Fishing gave me this award!  



It was last week, and it COMPLETELY made my day/weekend/week!  It was such a pleasant surprise, and I am still giddy over receiving this honor!  The reason he gave it to me was because I “juggle more things than anyone” he knows and put “out a great blog with interesting stories and wonderful images.”  Wasn’t that the nicest thing to say? (I have decided to tell you more about the things I do in a later post.)  THANK YOU FISH WHISPERER!  


When I got my first award, I said that the rules for receiving an award from me are that THERE ARE NO RULES.  The rules for this one are to pass it on to five bloggers. I will do that because I want to.  But if you get an award from me, the rules are to do whatever you want.  Pass it on or not.  Display it or not.  Acknowledge it or not.  And I also like texasholly’s award policy.  You can find it here. 


With that said, below are the some of the blogs I think Kick A*s at the moment as well.  (I am not being a prude by not typing the word “a*s;” however, I keep hearing stories of the traffic some blogs start to get just by having a word like that in the post, so I am trying to avoid that.  Of course now some of you who comment—I know who you are—will put that in the comments just to make sure I get “that kind” of traffic anyway.  That is OK.  I am not going to flip out and find a cartoon to post about you!)


A Photo a Day by Donald Kinney.  He actually has at least two FABULOUS photos a day, but one never has comment.  It is just there, piquing my interest.  Donald is a photographer who knows when there is a good picture to be had, and makes it excellent.


Blind Pig & The Acorn by Tipper.   Tipper lives in the Appalachians and blogs about it.  Hers is an eclectic blog about life in the Appalachians, and it brings me into her life.  She has music, scenery, art, cooking, you name it.  I love it.  (And what’s not to love about a blog with that name?)


Ramblings Around Texas by Troy and Martha.    Their ramblings go far beyond Texas!  They are amazing photographers who have been (and go) a lot of places and share their adventures on their blog.  Not every post is about travel, but one can definitely travel vicariously through them.


Sandpiper’s Place by Sandpiper!    Sandpiper likes to take walks in beautiful, natural places and share them with us.  She is also an excellent photographer, so it is almost as if I am walking with her when I see her posts.


Slackwater by Don Wiley.  Another photography blog, but without label.  His photos are interesting, unusual , beautiful, whatever.  A true artist with a camera, and always something exciting (or fun or humorous or jaw-droppingly beautiful) to see.


My favorite thing about awards is passing them on.  My hope is that some of my readers check out these blogs and find something new that they love.  (And you may wonder why none of these people are on my blogroll.  Well, I have not updated that since my blog was brand new.  I will get to it one day.  I promise I will!)


By Louise Cannon

click on picture to enlarge

click on picture to enlarge

This morning I could see a really good sunrise brewing.  Sometimes it is hard to get good pictures here because we live like cockroaches in a giant development.  When we first moved here, the proximity of other houses made me claustrophobic.  But it is far from convenient to just pack up and find a better place to watch, so I just take what I can get.
(There is space here.  I cannot remove this space.  This is the exact same problem I had a couple of days ago and skipped posting.  Today I just decided to try to fill up the space with something else and see what happens.) 


This morning, however, being encased on all sides by houses was not a terrible burden.  (It was probably better elsewhere, but I loved it here.)  What I love about these two pictures is that they were taken about two seconds apart.  The top one is looking east where the sun was just peeking over our mountain.  The bottom one is looking west.  I think they are both beautiful, but how different for the very same sky.
click on picture to enlarge

click on picture to enlarge



Last week I got my first blogging award!  It came from Madge at It’s a Mad Madge World.  I was so honored to get it from her, because HER blog makes MY day.  Madge’s blog is funny.  Madge is funny.  It is not a hilarious sort of funny, but a quieter humor, and I love it.


There are some rules associated with this award, but I decided to change them.  I am supposed to pass it on to 10 blogs who make MY day, which I am going to do just because I want everyone to know ten blogs I love.  But the rules I am changing are this:


If you get this award, you can do with it what you please.  You can pass it on, or you can do nothing.  You can put it on your blog, or you can do nothing.  You do not even have to acknowledge you got it from me!  For my part, I just want to share it, but I completely do not expect anyone else to do anything with it because I know you probably already have plenty of awards, and do not have plenty of time, and you may not even know I exist.  So follow my rules about it and make your own rules.


Here is my list of people and blogs which make my day:


Jennifer H at Thursday Drive.  Jennifer is an amazing writer.  Her topics are funny, heartbreaking, lovely, anything.  But no matter her topic, she writes it well.  Also, Jennifer H is the one most responsible for forcing encouraging me to blog.  (Maybe I should hate her for that!)  Whether a sense of duty or genuine niceness, she makes sure she reads all my posts, which are definitely not as eloquently written as hers.


Sherry at Sherry’s Place.  Sherry has a green thumb and a beautiful garden and beautiful potted plants.  Every picture I see makes me envious of her flowers.  Plus she is quite apt at taking amazing pictures of it all.


Christy at My Photography, My Passion.  What I love about Christy’s blog is that she photographs her life and shows it to us.  The places she goes, the things she does.  She loves nature photography (as do I), but there is no real theme (that I have detected anyway.)  Plus she and her Prince Charming have the same timeline as me and my Prince Charming, so we have a little bond there.


Michelle at The Rocky Mountain Retreat.  How this woman can find so many beautiful and different pictures day after day is beyond me.  She lives in a beautiful area and lets us see it up close and personal.  She is dedicated to making her blog something to be shared and enjoyed.  She is also a genuinely nice person.


Suzanne from At Home with the Farmer’s Wife.  I love the country and want to live in the country.  I live there vicariously through Suzanne who has a terrific way with words to cover everything from sewing tutorials (with cool projects) to being able to determine which animal barn it is at the County Fair just by taking a whiff.


Lynn at the the VintageNest.  Can I just say, “Pink!”  She loves pink, and so do I.  She is a riot.  She is nice.  We share extremely similar tastes.


Hilary at The Smitten Image.  Hilary is another nature photographer whose topics vary, but I love them all.  She’s clever, and she has some dragonfly pictures I am dying to find time to duplicate as a stamping project.


Holly at June Cleaver Nirvana.  Truly I cannot think of a place that makes me laugh more.  There is no other blogger like Holly.  My favorite thing that she does is called “Holly’s Animated Life,” in which she illustrates her post with whiteboard drawings.  Monday Potlucks are always a surprise.  She is also a good photographer and has innovative ways to present her pictures.


Ducky at Hints and Guesses.  Well, I just have to say that WHEN Ducky posts, it makes my day!  Ducky knows many, many things about blogging, but unfortunately does not put them to much practice herself.  So when she does, I am elated.  She has a lot to write about.  So DO IT, Ducky!  Go ahead.  Make my day!  (By the way, I will be doing the meme she has posted there in a few days.)


Marvin at Nature in the Ozarks.  I was first attracted to this blog because I’m from the Ozarks, though from a different state than Marvin.  But I have come to love this blog because it is so thorough and educational, and Marvin has quite a sense of humor.  He has definitely made me pay much more attention to the buzzing, crawling things around.  I even try to photograph a few, but alas, Marvin is one of the bloggers that has given me “lens envy.” ( I cannot begin to capture things as he does due to lack of appropriate lens.  And probably talent, actually, but right now I can blame it on the lack of lens.)


Klaus at Virtua Gallery, A Photographic Journal.  My last post mentioned this website.  Klaus is quite a birder, and if you do nothing else, go check out this photo.  His pictures simply amaze me every. single. day.  And he always has more than one to amaze me every day.  (I have a lot of lens envy when I visit this blog, too.) Besides his terrific photography, I love his attitude about lots of things.  (You will have to look around his blog a bit to understand what I mean by that.)  He is also quite encouraging, and makes me laugh.


That was eleven.  Oh well, I said I was changing the rules.  I have a few others I would like to share, but if I ever get another award, I will do it then.


By Louise Cannon