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This is the week-long (ish) tale of where I was a year ago today, which was on a Bermuda cruise with Prince Charming.

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The sunrise was wonderful our last morning in Bermuda. (Mind you we had been to the midnight buffet the night before, so I was wishing I was not the type to be awake when the sun rises, but I am that type, so might as well take a few photos.  We did not stay at the midnight buffet; it was far too crowded. I only elbowed my way in for two pictures; we did not eat even one delicacy. But in our short time there, two Dean Martin songs were played on the sound system: “Mambo Italiano” and “Sway.” It was great because those are both two of the favorite songs of  Chic and Chicklet. Had I been able to, I would have called them and awakened them from their slumber just to tell them. I am sure they would not have been impressed, but the purpose of Moms is not to impress children, then, is it?)

Our goal for our last day (partial day at that because we had to return our scooters around 2 p.m.) was to find a beach so yours truly could really get IN the ocean–not just get her feet wet. This turned out to be not such a good day for it, but even though cold-blooded, I can be a hardy sort when it comes to doing something I really want to do.

We found one beach that we did not like, so we checked the map and tried another. It was a goldmine! There was a really nice old fort there that we checked out before making our way to the water.


After that we tried to find a path to the beach, of which there seemed to be no evidence. So we climbed down over some rocks.


At first this is all I could do with getting wet. The temperature was probably between 50 and 55 degrees (Fahrenheit). It was not only cloudy, but foggy (as you can see in many of the photos). My how dedicated I can be about the ocean!


The beach was small, but fun to explore for tiny shells and other marine life. I waded to another tiny beach away from where we climbed down the rocks. This one was made just for two, but alas, Prince Charming is not as enamored by the ocean as is his wife, so he did not even take off his shoes that day.


I eventually adjusted to the coldness and started gradually jumping waves to get farther and farther out.


If you go here (scroll down when you get there) you can see a picture of when a wave (painfully) smacked the back of my head. Prince Charming obviously knew it was coming but did not bother to warn me. He instead pretended to be doing a photo shoot and got a pretty good picture of it.

Eventually I made it out far enough to swim, but it was so very cold. Maybe I lasted fifteen minutes, but it was not a day for swimming. The fun part (imagine all sarcasm in my voice) was getting on the scooter all wet, but what else are adventures for?


When we were leaving, we found quite a different path than when we arrived. It was a much nicer exit.


Our ship left port around 4 or 5 in the evening. I got a couple of pictures, then took a nap.

It was the last formal  night.


I took this dessert delivery photo for my girls. This probably would have been the highlight for them had they joined us. At this point we were missing them a lot.


There was nothing but a day at sea and day in airports left, so we were finished and wanted to see our girls. But lucky for you, there are still those day to cover in this story, so stay tuned tomorrow and Sunday!

For Part 1,  go here.

For Part 2, go here.

For Part 3, go here.

Today it is just a sky picture. We were letterboxing AND shopping this day (just a few loose ends in St. George). This was taken from the back of the scooter while crossing a causeway near St. George.

Blue is not my favorite color; in fact, it might fall into my least-favorite category. But THIS kind of blue in the water and sky is just happiness itself to me.

near St. George, Bermuda. Click photo to enlarge.

near St. George, Bermuda. Click photo to enlarge.

By the way, it SNOWED here yesterday (In Albuquerque, not Bermuda. The Bermuda picture was a year ago today.) Yes, snowed. OK, only flurries where I live, but it has not been warm here since I was complaining about it being cold last week.

To see LOTS more terrific sky pictures or to find out how to participate in this meme, head to the SkyWatch blog.

For Part 1,  go here.

For Part 2, go here.

Today is Part 3, which covers the 5th day of our trip, the second day in  Bermuda. After looking through these photos I have definitely decided to use some for some My World Tuesday posts, so there will be more later. That means I may  not have picked my favorite photos for this, but it is a general overview of the day.

We decided to rent a scooter. Tourists are not allowed cars, so it is scooter or public transportation. We knew we could not get to all the places we needed to go, especially in a timely manner on public transportation since we wanted to go Letterboxing. Thus we rented a scooter.

Notice the attractive helmet. Imagine how much MORE attractive it looked on me. No pictures. (We really did not chronicle all of this trip very well, did we?) The scooter was quite an adventure for two reasons. Prince Charming has not spent a lot of time in his life on such vehicles, therefore he was a bit nervous about driving it. Also in Bermuda they drive on the opposite side of the road from what we do in America. And they have roundabouts. On the first roundabout we missed the exit and had to go another way. We could not find a place to turn around for five miles. But I was not irritated. I was in love! (I’m telling you, waiting ten years to take a honeymoon is not a bad idea at all!)


Now notice the wind. I mentioned that it was blustery the day before. This day was not much different except there was more sun.


Our letterboxing adventures that day took us to an old fort (one of many on the island) and to Horseshoe Bay–possibly the most popular beach on the island. The fort was wonderful, and even more so because we FOUND the letterbox! At the bay, we found one out of two.  We have no idea if the other was there or not; the clues seemed to be not very clear, so it could have been there without our finding it.


The water was cold, but there is no way I can be by and ocean and not get my feet wet. I grew up in the Midwest, and now I live where there is even less water. But when I first saw the ocean (7th grade?) I was in love… forever.


The plovers on the beach were not shy. This one was running within inches of a person lying  down on the beach.


By this time it was mid-afternoon. We had to head back for the daily nap, which by this time was preceded by daily ice cream. (Good thing we were hiking a lot or we would have gained 15 pounds each that week!)

Tomorrow is SkyWatch. I haven’t decided if I am going to just post a sky picture for the next day or include the next day on Friday. It doesn’t matter. The sky picture tomorrow will be good no matter where it is from

After the comments from my last post, and having who knows how many days in a row of long posts, I have decided to do a picture with a short description.  OK, somewhat short description.


But first I must comment on the opening picture.  I. love. my hat.  I usually wear the whole outfit (wedding dress and hat) a couple of times a year.  This picture was taken last year because I have not worn it yet this year.  (The hat attracts a lot of attention, and I am not a lot attracted to attention.)  Anyway, the hat STAYS!!!  (Thanks for making me laugh with your comments!)


The picture below was taken on April 3 during Prince Charming’s and my Bermuda Cruise.  We were docked there for 3-1/2 days and had a fabulous time motoring around on a scooter, letterboxing and sightseeing. 


The ocean is part of me.  I do not know why because I grew up in Missouri and have only very briefly lived within view of the ocean. But I love it anyway, and I miss it when I am not near it (which is most of the time).  Unfortunately our trip to Bermuda did not happen upon the nicest weather, and there was not a lot of opportunity for me to hit the beautiful water in a hundred shades of turquoise.  The last half-day was no better, but I did not care. There was no way I was leaving there without having done more than get my feet wet at the shore.  I went into the cold ocean while there was no warm sun.  I am not an ocean swimmer, but I love to play with the waves and body surf.  I love to see how far I can get from the shore.  Prince Charming is not so interested in water in general, so he kept the camera and took about a gazillion pictures of me.  Most I would never dare publish on the internet, but I think this one is funny.


Prince Charming was talking to me as I jumped over waves.  I was just at the point where they were breaking against my knees.  I was inching backward, and he did not warn me that a much larger one was on its way.  He snapped the picture right as it broke flat on my back, taking me totally by surprise.  It was FREEZING.  It HURT!  But it was funny!  And I have no doubt that if the places had been reversed, I would have done the same or worse.



That’s it!


By Louise Cannon