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Before the canyons and wildflower part, a little bit about the Convention I attended:

My upline with St*mpin’ Up! was at Convention. She is one of my dearest (that’s really not an appropriate word for our relationship, but it helps with what I am trying to say. Neither of us are the “dear” type, but “best” does not convey the appropriate meeting) friends. When I became a demonstrator for stamping, I had never met her; we met over a year later at a stamping convention. We have never lived near one another (which seems to be criteria for my close friends), but keep in touch through e-mail and seeing one another a few times a year at stamping events.

Anyway, I cannot remember if I plugged her blog here yet. I was going to, but think that in the frenzy of getting ready before my trip I did not. She just started blogging recently and has an interesting life living in the sticks of Tennesee. She did a couple of posts about the convention we attended, so I thought I would send you to look there instead of repeating similar information. Check out this post and this one to see what I was up to for part of my vacation. Then if you have a minute, check out the rest of her blog. She has a humorous view of life on the farm.

Between Zion and Salt Lake City we made a small detour to Cedar Breaks National Monument. This is one of our favorite spots ON THE PLANET. (OK, I’ve traveled very little of the planet as a whole, but it is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.) We love it because there is a rocky canyon on one side of the road and alpine-like wildflower meadows on the other. The first time we visited we were breathless. We have been back twice, and try to go every year possible when we have to go to Salt Lake for Convention. I am building a collection of pictures of Chic and Chicklet in the wildflowers.

Every time we have been to Cedar Breaks has been about a week later than the previous time, and the flowers have been different every time. We will be even later next year, so I have no idea what will be there, but hopefully it will still be beautiful.

The last trip to this place (two years ago) is what made me decide I wanted a digital SLR. I had been using a very old 35 mm that I was hooked on from almost childhood (Konica TC), but it was old with a dead battery, and the light meter did not work. (Sue me for needing a light meter.) Many of my pictures from that trip were overexposed. This time most of the canyon shots were overexposed as well. We were there only a few minutes, leaving me no time for experimentation, but there must be something about the lighting and reflections of the place that creates overexposed pictures. Maybe it is just the photographer.

None of these photos are fantastic, but I hope they give you a tiny flavor as to why this is a wonderful place to visit. Again and again.

By Louise Cannon