Prince Charming at Mt. Rushmore last week.

Prince Charming at Mt. Rushmore last week.

I missed Prince Charming’s birthday. OK, I did not really miss it, like skip it. I did acknowledge it, but not here. Late last fall I went through a 10-day period in which I had a tribute of some sort five of those days. But Prince Charming’s birthday is January 4. By then I am finished. Not only did he likely get gypped as a kid because his birthday was so close to the holidays, but his own wife gyps him now. It is a good thing he is Prince Charming, or he would probably not be so gracious about it. I did not have time to write something worthwhile for his birthday, so I did not write anything at all.  I will try to make up for it now… try.

But first, I must wish all of you father’s, grandfathers, surrogate fathers, all men who make a positive difference in someone’s life a very HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! And also a nice wish for my dad (even though he doesn’t read this or even know about this blog) whom you can read about here if you would like.

So here are some of the things that make my husband Prince Charming to me:

-He loves me. Honestly, I am not always sure why. I am no picnic to live with.

-He is the most amazing father. Since beginning blogging about a year ago (I need to check on that to do a giveaway or something for my Blogiversary. (Disturbing note: “Blogiversary” did not come up as a misspelled word on my spell-check.)) I know there are other amazing fathers out there, but I am proud that my Prince Charming is one of them. He is the firstborn son of a firstborn son of a firstborn son… (I do not even know how far back that goes.) He was SURE our first child would be a son. (I was, too, for that matter. I am so “girly” that I was pretty sure I would never have daughters.) When he found out we were having a girl, he was not disappointed (like I feared he might be), but elated. The second girl was the same.  He has embraced being the father of girls and is the best one I can imagine. They both love him so much. I love to watch them together.

-Not only is he a wonderful and caring father, but he shares more of the responsibility of tending to our young children than do most fathers I know. When he gets home from work, the burden of parenting is all but released from me.

-He understands the demands on my life. One reason it is not easy living with me is that I am somewhat of an overachiever. My interests are many, and I do many of the things in which I am interested. (Stamping, gardening, sewing, cooking, reading, biking, letterboxing, photography… this list truthfully goes on and on.) On top of this, my type of personality tends to be sucked into other responsibilities… LOTS of them. This is the reason I did not blog for so long. Those things take a toll on my family time as well, but Prince Charming not only endures these things, but does everything he can think of to help me and make it easier. I cannot count how many times I have accepted just a little too much responsibility, and he has dropped everything to help me get everything accomplished. (As if he had nothing going on in his own world.)

-He brings home flowers more than necessary and rarely for a reason other than no reason.


never would they be all-red, and usually not even roses

-He is on intimate terms with the Godiva Chocolatier in town. (The benefits of this are mine.)

-He does the grocery shopping.

-He takes out the kitchen trash every morning without my ever having to ask him to do it. (This has proved useful on more than one occasion.)

2009-06-09.W~Dr.VC-He puts the seat down.

-He does everything in his power to make sure I get my Friday Night Bath. (Last night he found a way to make a table over the tub so I could take my computer and do a little catch-up with blog reading.)

-He cooks on the weekends.

-He watches movies with me, including all my favorite Chic Flicks, over and over. (He even says he likes most of the ones I like!)

-He loves to travel.

-He is unbelievably smart. Crazy smart.

-He looks fabulous in a tuxedo.

-He makes plans for our lives when we are old. I love to listen to his plans and talk with him about them.

-He provides well for our family, he believes in our family, he puts all his effort into keeping our family strong. He is everything a father (and husband) should be.

Prince Charming, thanks for being who you are and all you are to us. The girls in this house adore you!