Yesterday our family went to the National Indoor Track and Field Championships that were being held in Albuquerque.

I went to a very. small. parochial school, so we never did competitive sports, but once a year we had a track and field day. I LOVED it, and although I am pretty much not a sports fan, I love track and field. The athletes amaze me.

I fully admit my pictures are lousy unless you are into impressionism (which I am); I have absolutely NO experience with indoor, action photography. After uploading these I realized a couple of things I could have done differently to make them better, but it was difficult to see the pictures well on the tiny screen, so I did not realize all the blur until I uploaded. But I wanted to share a few pictures with you anyway since we had such a fun day with our kids.

Men's hurdles, 60M. (I love the short races. The athletes were like lightning in the 60M hurdles and dashes.)

A pole vaulter talking to her coach.

Pole vault is something I always wanted to do but never had the least opportunity. It looks so fun to fly upside down, so high, up over the bar.

This is my favorite picture. I loved the blurred color. I believe it is the women's 60M hurdles. (The effect is better if you click to enlarge.)

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