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Suzanne from At Home with the Farmer’s Wife (which is definitely one of my VERY favorite blogs–I am going to say in my top three so the rest of you can assume you are one of the other two!) went on a little trip. Before she went, she said that if any of her readers wanted to e-mail her their address, she would send them a postcard, with the only catch that they had to post about it their own blog. OF COURSE I wanted to do this because I love her blog so much and would love to post about it!  So she sent me this:
I love it because it is pink, and because it has dogwoods on it. (Although it says “Arkansas” dogwood, I have to guess they are just the same as “Missouri” dogwoods.)  And don’t you love her handwriting? I might be a little weird about handwriting because my own is so illegible that I cannot read it myself about 75% of the time, so anyone with legible handwriting deserves my respect and admiration.
When she came back, she posted about her terrific trip which happened to be in the path of Hurricane Ike.  They camped in a condo and had to go out and eat every meal. Nothing like fried everything. Those posts made me hungry, and I think I gained weight just reading them! Then yesterday she posted something I had forgotten entirely, the winners of her “cheesy souvenir gifts.” I am sure I had totally put this out of my head because I never win anything. But I did! Right on her blog is a pretty little piece of paper in that lovely handwriting with my name on it. I was shocked. And I got my favorite of the cheesy gifts. (It’s pink.)

Thank you, Suzanne. Your blog really is one of my favorites, and you are the other person that has made me sort of like country music.

Please go visit Suzanne’s blog. You never know what you are going to find there. Recipes, project tutorials, adventure-logs, reminiscing, great stories… I cannot imagine anyone not loving it. This is my very favorite post from her blog, and among my favorites I have ever read.


I’ve been Tagged

Brenda, from What’s Up Down South tagged me for this, and I thought there was room today, so I did it.  But first I have to tell you why to want to go visit her blog. You obviously want to see the answers she gave for this meme, but you also will like it because it chronicles life in Arkansas on the Mississipi Delta, and in a usually humorous, if not ranting way. She has a button on her sidebar that says, “Being a Crabby B!tch is Part of My Charm.” You have to love that! (At least I have to love it!)

In all the below lists, nothing is in any kind of order.

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. Travel and see a LOT more of the world. A LOT more. I would say all or most of the world, but I do not think that is realistic. Most of Europe, definitely Australia, the Mediterranean, then the rest as I can.
2. Be the best mother on the planet when I visit my daughters if they have children. Cook and clean for them, stay up with the babies, etc. (And not interfere.)
3. See every state in the U.S. (I’ve only got 6 left, but they seem to be elusive to me.)

4. Go back to Bermuda and take a picture of a house in every single St*mpin’ Up! color.
5. Get my kids educated so they can have a decent life on their own.
6. Get my life list of birds (and flowers and bugs) started and go on at least one really cool birding vacation.
7. Have a fabulous milestone birthday in which I travel to some fun place with my favorite friends. Might be a big city. Might be something tropical, but somewhere fun. And hope at least two or three come. (Do I have more than two or three good girlfriends? Probably not!)
7 Things I Do Now

1. Exercise regularly.
2. Cook fantastic meals for my family. (MOST of the time.)
3. Church Treasurer.

4. St*mpin’ Up! Demonstrator.
5. Volunteer Art Teacher.
6. Active PTO committee person for my daughter’s school. We currently do not have officers, but I am in charge. I think they purposely did not elect any because they knew I would not accept “president.” Instead, they just let me be in charge.

7. Love my family.

7 Things I Can’t Do

1. Roll my tongue (copied from Brenda).

2. Run.
3. Have children. (This is not a bad thing. I have already got two great ones.)
4. Relax my brain.
5. Shop for anything without getting tired and frustrated. (Copied again from Brenda. I hate shopping and do not do it at all unless absolutely necessary.)

6. Tolerate whining. Definitely in kids (I have a a 4-year-old whiner), but especially in adults.
7. Find a way to get rid of some of my responsibilities. (Not for lack of trying.)

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex

1. Extroverted personality. (I am a strong introvert, so I need someone to help me get out.)

2. Thoughtfulness.
3. Eyes.
4. Intelligence.
5. Liking me. I have a strong personality and am independent. (You might not think so after some of the things I have said about Prince Charming, huh?) The opposite sex has to appreciate that and like it, not be threatened by it. And also not see me as a parent because I am so strong. (There’s probably a whole post waiting to be written in answer to this question, but it is not so important to me since I have Prince Charming, the perfect husband.)

6. Compassion

7. Willingness to learn and grow with me.

7 Things That I Say Most Often

1. LOOK at Mommy!
2. What did Mommy say?
3. You did a GREAT job!

4. Please don’t interrrupt!

5. Would you like her to do that to you?
6. Bloody H*ll!
7. I love you!

7 Celebrities That I Admire (This one is difficult. I’m not into celebrities at all. OK, a few (or more than a few) of the cute male versions, but that’s not an admire sort of thing.)

1. Jackie O. I think she had a lot of issues, but she LOOKED SO GOOD!
2. Margaret Thatcher (copied from Brenda, and I have to agree. I often think about her being a female prime minister so many years ago. Plus she is just a “with it” lady.

3. Daniel Day-Lewis. He never plays the same type of role twice, and he becomes his character. His talent astounds me. (Much of the same can be said in my opinion for Kevin Spacey and Viggo Mortensen.)

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kurt Russell and Ted Nugent and any other famous types that buck the Hollywood system.

5. Mother Teresa. She had some of the best quotes I’ve seen anywhere, never mind the wonderful things she did with her life.

6. Dara Torres. What an amazing woman. She is 2 years younger than ME and just won an Olympic GOLD medal in swimming. Women are supposed to physically peak when? Something like 15? She is an inspiration.

7. Albert Einstein. The man was smart. A little wild in the hairdo, perhaps, but I love smart. And he said this: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” (Of course this does not apply to any of my readers. I have actually been amazed at how different people in my blogworld are than people in my real world. But do see recommendation below!)

7 Favorite Foods (All but the last are homemade or home grown by me)

1. Pasta with Tomatoes and Shallots

2. Chicken Piccata
3. Tomatoes from the garden, just cut into wedges with some salt on them. OR garden tomatoes in Homemade Salsa.
4. Magedra. (A pile in this order: Rice, lentils, Napa cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, cheese, lemon sauce.)

5. Apple pie.

6. Homemade soup (Copying Brenda again.) I make soup weekly in cool weather. I have a good 8 months worth of excellent recipes I do yearly. We are actually having soup twice this week; I made my first pot of the season today. It is not really cool here yet, but my house is quite chilly.

7. Chips and dip. (Sue me.)

7 People Who Need To Do This

I don’t like to tag people because I have no idea if others want to do this or not. So I am not going to tag anyone. However, please do not hesistate to use this meme if it suits you!


The Recommendation

If I were Authorblog and had a “Post of the Day,” This post by Lotus07 from Hypocrisy would be mine for today. It is funny and well-written, and so “me.” I think it will be a lot of “you,” too!