Since I do two memes a week (My World Tuesday and SkyWatch Friday), I really like to get a post in between them. Since in a week I will be away for about ten days, I decided it was more important than usual this time.

But there was no time. What could I do that was quick?

I checked my “blog fodder” folder. It has not been updated in a very long time. Most of it was actually created before I even started blogging. But there was the perfect thing there.

Last summer I saw this post by David McMahon, Authorblog. It made me think of something that happened to me when I visited Norway in 1993. I was attending the graduation of a cousin, and we spent a few days there before heading to Iceland. (I PROMISE, I will get to the Iceland stories someday.)

We spent a couple of days in Oslo, and my cousins were great tour guides as they had both attended high school in a nearby town. One of our stops was Vigeland Sculpture Park.

This is an amazing place. Everyone needs to visit. We spent a lot of time there taking pictures and being silly part of the time. (I will save that for another post.) This post is about the women sunbathing topless. I was born and bred in the Midwest. I grew up in a town that is known as the buckle of the Bible Belt.¬† Let’s just say that women sunbathing topless in a public park–not a nude beach–was a bit, uh, different for me. Being a polite sort, I tried to not stare. But I really wanted a picture. Not a GOOD picture. I was much too shy and too “polite” to take a close-up picture. So I saw a vista from a distance and snapped a shot–more for memory’s sake than anything. Because really, unless you KNOW what it is, you would never guess.


Back in those days I had a lot more spare time than I do now, and I dutifully put all the pictures from that trip in chronological order in a photo album. (Eeek. One of the old, yukky type, and yes, that is where they still are.) This way I could easily show anyone who wanted to see my trip.

When the first person looked at my photo album, she exclaimed when she got to the topless sunbathing picture, “WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU TAKING A PICTURE OF???” I told her it was no big deal. In other countries people seem to be more comfortable with their bodies, and I just took a distant picture of some women sunbathing without tops.

She admonished me to LOOK at the picture. I did. Topless sunbathers.

“NO!” she shreiked. Totally unnoticed by me, even when the pictures were developed, this is the full shot I got.


Shockingly to those looking on, I had apparently¬† rebelled against my “buckle of the Bible Belt” roots, for I did not even bother to photograph the entire statue. Only the “vital” parts of it!

Note: My apologies for the picture quality. This was an actual film print, and I scanned it without whatever great scanning equipment seems to be available for such things these days.