The world’s longest tram stretches from the base to the top of Sandia Peak. The 15-minute ride takes riders over deep, wooded canyons and up steep granite rock faces.

It's not scary even if you're a little afraid of heights--I mean falling!

It's not scary even if you are a little afraid of heights--I mean, falling!

The view from the top is spectacular as any mountaintop view would be. I always have a hard time believing, however, that I was not transported to a different planet, not just a few thousand feet because the top of the mountain (and the other side of it) is so different from my desert side.

My house is about in the middle of this photo.

My house is near the end of civilization close to the middle of this photo.

The tram is used widely for visitors wanting to get to the top of the mountain, but it is also used for skiers and hikers. (There are some great hiking trails that people hike up, but ride the tram down.)

In the summer, the angle of the sun lights the tram wires. During the warmer months from my house I can see most of the tram wires in the morning. My house is at least 20 miles from the wires. To see a car, however, one must be quite close.

At the top there is a small building with some nature posters and samples. There is a restaurant, a ski area and hiking trails at the peak. One can drive up the “back” of the mountain to the same location (or get relatively close), but it takes about an hour longer to do so.

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